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The Board has developed a second exam for the Funeral Director License. This will be an exam option available to candidates for a Funeral Director license. This exam does not replace the State Board exam offered through the National Conference. The candidate will choose which exam they would like to take. The main difference is this new exam's focus is more on the practices of a Funeral Director in Mississippi. A team of licensed Funeral Directors, board staff, and the vendor Morris & McDaniel worked together on writing questions.

Updates will be made frequently so check back every week for updates.

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Mississippi State Funeral Director Exam

1) Who is this exam for?

Individuals that have completed a Funeral Director apprenticeship and want to get a Funeral Director license. Licenses for a Funeral Service license will still require the National Exam through the National Conference.

2) When will the exam be given?

The exam is given by computer. Once you register for the exam you will select an appointment to test.

3) Where will the exam be given?

The exam is given by computer. Once you register for the exam the vendor will advise you of the locations.

4) How will the exam be given?

The exam is given by computer.

5) Who is eligible for this exam?

Anyone who has completed a Funeral Director apprenticeship will be sent notification to apply for this exam.

6) Will I still be able to take the State Board exam through the National Conference?

Yes. These are separate exams and both meet the requirement for licensure.

7) Do I have to take this exam and the State Board exam with the National exam to get licensed?

No. Only one exam is required to get licensed.

8) Will there be more than one administration?


9) What is the cost for the exam?


10) Will there be a study guide?

Yes. A study guide will be sent out upon approval.

11) When will I know if I passed or failed?

Because the 1st exam will be graded by hand results will be sent out 30 days after the exam.

12) When will I be able to apply for a license?

Once you receive notification that you passed the exam you may go online to apply for your funeral director license.