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Mississippi State Board of Funeral Service
3010 Lakeland Cove, Suite W
Flowood, MS  39232
Telephone:  601-932-1973
Fax:  601-932-1901
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Board Meeting
July 11, 2022 - CANCELLED

August 1, 2022
@ 9:00 AM
3010 Lakeland Cove Ste W
Flowood, MS 39232
Phone: 601-932-1973


Renewals must be paid online or postmarked by the expiration date, 6/30/2022, to avoid additional fees. If you need a renewal form you may access a blank one HERE. A form is not required to renew.

Funeral Director (FD) Expires 6/30/2022
Renewal Fee: $100
After 6/30/2022: $300

Funeral Service (FS) Expires 6/30/2022
Renewal Fee: $125
After 6/30/2022: $375

Crematory Operator (CO) Expires 6/30/2022
Renewal Fee: $100
After 6/30/2022: $300

COVID - 19 Updates

Quarterly Reports must be submitted timely to receive credit. The schedule of reporting is below.

Rule 6.1 (5) If the quarterly report is not timely submitted, that quarter shall not be counted toward successful completion of the apprenticeship. Timely submission of a quarterly report shall be within fifteen (15) calendar days following the conclusion of the quarter.

Reporting Schedule:
Jan-Mar due by April 15th
Apr-Jun due by July 15th
Jul-Sept due by Oct 15th
Oct-Dec due by Jan 15th


The Mississippi State Board of Funeral Service is responsible for implenting the provisions of the Funeral Service Law for the purpose of better protection of life and health and regulating the practice of embalming, funeral directing and the care and disposition of dead human bodies.

The Board is authorized to prescribe a standard of proficiency as to the qualifications of embalmers and funeral directors, to revoke or suspend licenses for any violations of this law, to adopt rules and regulations and to set standards of sanitation to be observed in the embalming or cremation of dead human bodies. Any person desiring to engage in the practice of embalming and/or the practice of funeral directing or operating a funeral establishment must first meet the requirements of the law and rules and be licensed by the Board.